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Pre Paid Funeral Plans

Funeral plans a most thoughtful decision

We can also offer advice on prepaid funeral plans. A funeral plan can save you money and provides invaluable peace of mind for your and your family.

The reassurance gained from making arrangements in advance and these escalating costs are the reasons why nearly a million people in Britain have taken out a funeral plan.

Your thoughtfulness will relieve your grieving relatives of the financial strain and any worries about your funeral arrangements at a time of distress. Plus, you have the comfort of knowing that that the arrangements which you particularly want, including the type of funeral, venue, music choices, readings and even flowers will be carried out exactly as you wish.

A.Cain Funeral Services offers you a personal and compassionate service whilst ensuring you get the very best value from your funeral plan pop in and see us in our London or Hayes branch.

Providing For a Future Funeral- the Independent Way

For many people, planning their funeral has become an established way of looking at the future, just like making a Will. More than 860,000 people in Great Britain have taken out a funeral plan. Usually, they have known the grief of bereavement and dont want their families to go through the stress of making arrangements.

Why Choose Us

  • We are part of your community and have been since 1902
  • We have a personal pride in our local service and we are devoted to families
  • We offer better value and better service
  • We have knowledge of local traditions and expectations

Benefits of an Independent Funeral Plan

  • You relive your family of difficult decisions at a time when, they will be distressed
  • Your wishes are specified in advanced, removing uncertainty and the stress
  • An Independent way Funeral Plan buys a future funeral at todays prices and protects you and your family against rising funeral cost
  • Taking out an Independent Funeral Plan can offer a better alternative to saving

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