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Funeral Information

Who to inform during the bereavement ceremony

There are a number of various companies and interested parties who need to be informed of the death, and others who we would recommend. We have complied a list as a guide:

  • Family Doctor or Hospital the deceased was attending
  • Employers
  • Banks, Building Societies and Insurances
  • Social Services (Pensions, Meals on Wheels, Home Help and Daily Centre Transport)
  • Credit & Store Cards
  • Solicitors (if applicable)
  • Utilities Companies (Electric, Gas, Water, Cable & Satellite)
  • Landlord, Housing Department
  • Club & Other Memberships
  • Motor Insurance (a person driving a car insured in the deceased name is not legally covered)

Some of the above may need to be informed in writing and some may require a copy of the Death Certificate.

Things that may need returning

  • Driving Licence & Car Registration Documents
  • National Insurance Papers
  • Passport
  • Pension/Benefit Book- make a note of number before returning
  • Giro Cheques
  • Season Tickets/Membership Cards (refund may be eligible)
  • NHS equipment on loan from Hospitals & Health Centres
  • Library books, Video or DVD Rentals
  • Administration of Estate

Before the Estate (anything belonging to the deceased) can be realised and distributed amongst any beneficiaries it may be necessary to obtain a Grant of Probate (if the Deceased left a Will) or Letters of Administration (if they didnt). Often it would be easier to ask a Solicitor or a Bank to deal with these formalities, however it is possible to administer an Estate personally, and the local Probate Office will be able to offer advice.

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